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JORDAN Lacke brings four new real wood stain cards onto the market

New HYDROSTAIN-MODULAR stain card collection presented at Holz-Handwerk trade fair

JORDAN Lacke presented its new HYDROSTAIN-MODULAR real wood stain cards at the trade fair in Nuremberg. The collection of the modular, water-based stain system offers a variety of options for staining wood surfaces and was developed to meet the colour design requirements of craftsmen and designers.


All available dye and pigment solutions are shown on the “basic shade card”, from which an endless palette of colour shades can be mixed. This contains 8 real wood samples of the available dye solutions and 10 real wood samples of the pigment solutions, plus positive white especially for the positive base.


The collection includes three further stain cards in addition to the basic colour card: a real wood card for the standard base JC7320, a real wood card for the positive base JC7330 and a real wood card for the rustic base JC7340, each with 18 real wood samples. As examples, 6 samples with dye solutions, 6 samples with dye and pigment solutions and 6 samples with pigment solutions are shown for both the standard and the rustic card. The stain card for the positive base contains 9 samples with dye solutions and 9 samples with dye solutions plus positive white.


The stain cards were produced by the social company Lebenshilfe in Detmold. This partnership emphasises the surface specialist’s commitment to social responsibility and supporting local communities.