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JORDAN NATURELINE with improved formulation

Now even better opaque characteristics and easier application

With NATURELINE,  JORDAN Lacke have developed an out of the ordinary wood protection for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications. Now they are introducing a further development with an even better formulation.


The JORDAN NATURELINE products are a purely mineral physically effective wood preservative against animal and vegetable pests and have a multifunctional character. The use of this biocide-free wood preservative prevents several risks to the wood and/or even fights them. Thanks to its wood-protecting qualities it influences the wood characteristics in a way to prevent a wood-destroying infestation by insects and/or fungi. After impregnation the wood is silicified in the subsequent short-term drying process, i.e. that quartz crystals are integrated into the wood substance. Through mineralisation and hardening the wood means no longer food for the parasites and is so to say petrified, thus depriving the parasites – be it pests or fungi – from their nutriment. The wood is protected not only against harmful environmental influences but also against weathering, and, in addition it is flame-retardant. JORDAN NATURELINE contains no pesticides, insecticides and is absolutely biocide-free.


Thanks to the further development of the formulation of both NATURELINE products, i.e. JORDAN NATURE-PUR-PLUS PRO 202 (colourless basis for mixing colour shades and/or for attenuating them) and JORDAN NATURE-COLOR 203 (several colour shades) the painter is offered many advantages regarding application. The new material has been modified to be more thixitropically and thus can be even easier applied. It captivates by a definitely improved firmness on vertical surfaces such as wooden fronts. The changed thixotrophy definitely reduces further the risk of paint tears. In addition, the JORDAN NATURE-COLOR 203 shades captivate by their improved covering capacity. The optimised moistening properties of the material ensure improved penetration into the wood pores thus reducing the risk of a fish-eye effect. Settling inside the can was also significantly improved. Thanks to this the products can be stirred up easier and more evenly.


JORDAN NATURELINE is a range of mineral products that are non-poisonous after hardening and therefore contact to the floor is possible without any problems. Furthermore the products are harmless for bees and for common areas of persons suffering from an allergy, for persons with health challenges, small children, and animals. Application can be carried out by means of a brush, roll, pressure sprayer, spray gun, immersion, flooding, and vacuum coating.