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New water-based coatings brochure from JORDAN Lacke

Expanded product portfolio of water-based coatings

JORDAN Lacke has revised its water-based coatings brochure to provide information on the extended range of water-based products from the AQUALINE.


The future belongs to the processing of water-based lacquer systems, also in terms of a sustainable approach to our environment. In terms of performance, they are in no way inferior to traditional solvent-based products. The water-based products from Jordan Lacke’s Aqualine range are therefore a real alternative to solvent-based lacquer systems in interior finishing.

In the new brochure, Jordan Lacke presents its expanded product portfolio. The different product variants can be used in classic furniture construction, as well as for stairs and stair components, and for professional interior finishing.

Depending on the requirements, various water-based coatings can be processed as one or two component systems in order to significantly increase the resistance. In addition to fillers, colour and clear lacquers, the new brochure also presents products for natural effects or special UV light protection. Furthermore, it contains a cleaning concentrate specially designed for water-based coatings.


The new brochure is available from Jordan Lacke specialist advisors, Jordan Lacke specialist dealers and also downloadable on the website in the “Service” section under “Downloads”.