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New glass lacquer hardener from Jordan Lacke

Willing to try something new?

For those who need to paint something other than wood to create trendy surfaces, JORDAN Lacke offers a new hardener especially for glass coatings. The advantage – the new GLASS-HARDENER GH 135 can be combined with all 10:1 mixed, solvent-based lacquer systems from JORDAN Lacke.


In order to be able to paint glass surfaces such as kitchen backs, fronts of kitchen and office furniture or glass doors, JORDAN Lacke already had a high-performance adhesion primer available with which the substrate was prepared for glass painting. The priming step can be avoided in future with the new GLASS-HARDENER GH 135.


The new glass lacquer hardener can be used with all 10:1 mixed JORDAN solvent based lacquers and achieves excellent adhesion without the prior application of an adhesion primer.


Storage costs are reduced because only one hardener for different paint systems needs to be stocked for this special application. This is more economical and also avoids unnecessary mistakes when selecting the correct hardener or primer.


The new product can be used with the PUR-schichter H 136X layer coating, the GIESS-COLORLUX H 37X and CLASSIC-EXTREME-RESIST CE 894 clear coats, the JORA-COLOR JC 150 colour coating system and the COLORLUX-METALLIC H 378 metallic effect coating.


For further information on the new glass lacquer hardener, please contact the JORDAN Lacke technical advisors.