Decoline 1K + 2K Deco-Oil-Color 662

coloured furniture oil, VOC and solvent-free

1-component + 2-component DECO-OIL- COLOR 662 – coloured VOC and solvent- free oil based on renewable raw materials



Product properties:

  • VOC and solvent-free

  • cobalt-free

  • can be used not only with but also without hardener (mixing ratio 10:1 with DECO-OIL-HARDENER 613 acc. to volume)

  • addition of hardener improves resistance to humidity and normal household dirt

  • basic shades can be mixed with each other

  • many colour adjustments are possible

  • no raising of wood grain

  • the structure of the wood types

    remains unchanged

  • excellent fastness to light

  • the surface is given a satin shine

  • contains natural waxes

  • easy processing

  • fast drying

  • very water and dirt-repellent

  • suitable for the manufacture of children’s toys (EN 71, part 3)



  1. Safety Data Sheet 1K + 2K DECO-OIL-COLOR 662 - available on request Download