Classicline High-Solid-Color H 6000

Colour paint
  1. Solvent-based 2-component colour paint system with high filling power. H 6007 (special matt) with Decohardener 612 decopaint-conform!


Product properties:

  • considerable cost reduction as

  • the MDF board need not be insulated

  • filler and

  • spray paint are no longer needed

  • H 6001 (shiny) suitable for realizing glossy finishes

  • with DECOHARDENER 612 decopaint- conform

  • In two work steps you obtain an absolutely ring-resistant as well as extremely robust finish

  • the extraordinarily good penetration power makes isolation superfluous which is normally required for MDF board coating



  1. Safety Data Sheet HIGH-SOLID-COLOR H 6000 - available on request Download
  2. Safety Data Sheet HIGH-SOLID-COLOR H 6007 - available on request Download
  3. Safety Data Sheet Decohardener 612 Download