The Effect of the Contrast

Brand: JordanLacke
Country: Deutschland

Used products

High-Solid: Most modern paint generation in the Henneberg-Museum Münnerstadt

Until today city towers, parts of the city wall and timbered houses have been preserved in Münnerstadt and give this place in the Bavarian Rhön Mountains a historical flair. Beside the parish church from the 13th century there is the former castle of the German Order in which the Henneberg-Museum of this town has been housed since 1970. After a 7-year building renovation and a fundamental new conception the museum was reopened in June of 2007.


The exhibition is on a total surface of approx. 1,100 m2 and shows more than only art and history from the city area. The surrounding cultural and natural landscape as well as the history of the German Order are also shown in this museum. To ensure a suitable presentation of the historical exhibits the monastery joinery Weiß, commissioned with the interior design within the scope of the renovation work, opted for painting the exhibition area with High Solid Color H6000 from Jordan Lacke. Many different colours were chosen for painting that ensure a successful contrast to

the art historical exhibits.


Furthermore High Solid Color H6000 offers optimal conditions for the high demands in a much frequented building: Noble appearance and an extremely robust marking-resistant surface. Painting with High Solid Color H6000 results in enormous time saving for the professional as he can use only one product for the complete paint structure.



MDF boards were used as a carrier material for the construction of the exhibition areas

and showcases. These boards had been pre- ground prior to the first paint application (grain size 220). After complete removal of the grinding dust the first layer of the 2- component High Solid Color H6000 (mixing ratio 2:1 with H6002 hardener) was applied. Thanks to the extraordinarily good adhesion behaviour of the High Solid Color you need no fillers that are usually required for coating MDF boards. After overnight drying intermediate grinding is to be carried out with grain size 280 in the following morning and subsequently you apply High Solid Color H6000 for the second time. Topcoating with clear varnish is generally not required with High Solid Color H600, as this is a marking-resistant paint system.


Commissioned company: Monastery joinery Wolfgang Weiß

The company commissioned with the interior design of the museum, the monastery joineryWolfgang Weiß, is a family-owned company with seat in Münnerstadt and has 4 employees. This joinery founded in 1956 has primarily specialized in furniture and interior design.

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