Elegant Surfaces for Exclusive Shopfitting

Brand: JordanLacke
Country: Deutschland

Used products

Proven combination of Jordan Lacke in the fashion store Monsieur / Neuisenburg

Würzburg, August 2009 – For approximately 30 years the High Fashion Store Monsieur in the Isenburg centre, Neuisenburg has offered their demanding customers fashion and accessories from renown designers such as Kenzo, Hugo Boss, Just Cavalli, and many more. Exclusivity, uniqueness and good taste are important concepts for the store owners Rainhold Sattig, Jürgen Claus and Jogi Ballacchino.

The planning and design was made available by the firm of architects DG/D from Frankfurt. According to the owners’ wish but also the architects’ opinion the clothing store with a surface of 300 m2 should not only be transformed in a way to be light and clearly arranged, but also radiate a noble

ambience. Therefore they opted for pure white (RAL 9010) regarding the colour design of the complete interior decoration and furniture. The Holzklotz company from Rödermark was commissioned to carry out reconstruction.


Regarding surface finishing of the shelves, platforms, clothes racks, counters, seating cubes, changing rooms, etc. the Holzklotz company opted for the proven combination of the Jordan Lacke brand. For this paint combination consisting of the sealing filler PUR-Füller H1336, the colour paint PD 150 and the topcoat Gießcolorlux you can harden all of the three paint systems with only one hardener. This combination creates an elegant surface finish meeting high demands. Furthermore this system is easy to handle by the professional and leads safely and quickly to the desired result.


Surface treatment:

For this interior design MDF boards were used as carrier material. First the boards were pre-ground with grain size 240 and then the 2-component sealing filler PUR FÜLLER (mixed 10:1 with hardener H132) was applied. Approx. 180 g/m2 of material were needed. The filler distinguishing itself in particular by its excellent firmness on vertical surfaces could be ground with grain size 320 after 3 hours already.


Subsequently the mixed 2-component polyurethane-colour paint PD 150 in RAL 9010, mixing ratio 10:1 was applied (quantity consumed approx. 150 g/m2). The colour paint distinguishes itself by fast drying, excellent flow and very good covering capacity.

The following day, to obtain a marking- resistant surface, PD 150 was activated with the 2-component clear varnish Gießcolorlux H 375 (mixing ratio 10:1 with hardener H 132) without roughening. The solvent-based clear varnish which can be used not only in a spraying but also in a casting process convinces through an excellent

transparency, high fastness to light and a pot life of up to 3 days.

With Gießcolorlux as a topcoat you can optimally protect furniture which is subject to strong mechnical stress, such as sales counters, so that they cope with daily stress. The new interior design in combination with the artfully designed floors and the appealing decoration conjures up a coherent overall image and reflects attention to detail which is so appreciated by the owners.


Holzklotz Joinery, Rödermark

The Holzklotz Joinery from the Hessian Rödermark was founded in 1999 and celebrated its 10th company anniversary this year. This operation has specialized

in sophisticated interior design and with this in mind they offer the customer a complete service “All from one hand“ e.g. alsoupholstery work.

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