High-End Headphones with Handicraft Top Performance

Brand: JordanLacke
Country: Deutschland

Used products

Regarding high-quality components from wood that are installed in the exclusive high- end headphones of the ULTRASONE Company the Möbelerlebnis Bommersbach Joinery from Schongau put great emphasis on products from the JORDAN Lacke.joco Company

Nowadays handicraft skills are needed in many fields. The Möbelerlebnis Bommersbach Joinery from Schongau manufactures high-quality wood components which are integrated into the exclusive high-end headphones from the ULTRASONE Company and are sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

From the headphone rack to the U-shaped clasp of the headphones the different elements are manufactured with highest precision and refined with the JORDAN Lacke GmbH Company’s products. Various models from different materials are available.

ULTRASONE „Y-headphone racks“

A veneer from zebrano wood is mounted on a base plate made from a 12 mm Multiplex board in birch. The headphone rack itself is manufactured from 21 mm Multiplex birch and also veneered with zebrano. Subsequently the workpieces are coloured with Jordan Rustikalbeize LM 9905/43 and then coated with GIEßCOLORLUX H377, special matt, in 3 worksteps.

U-clasps on headphones edition 8

The U- clasps of the headphones are real eyecatchers. In edition 8 they are milled from walnut and painted with HIGH- SOLID-Grundlack H4500. Subsequently 2 layers of CLASSIC-GLOSS 874 are applied.

U-clasps on headphone shells edition 8 –Julia
For edition 8 – Julia the U-clasps are milled from lime wood. Subsequently 2 layers of PURFÜLLER H1336 are applied, before painting them with HIGH-SOLID H6000 in a mouse-grey colour shade. After drying a thin layer of nacre is applied and then the two ends are outlined with COLORLUX- metallic in the special colour pearl mouse- grey. The last work step consists in applying three layers of CLASSIC-GLOSS 874.

Y-shaped clasps on headphone shells edition 10
For the clasps of edition 10 two 0.9 mm thick zebrano veneers are layer-glued and coloured with Jordan-Rustikalbeize LM 9905/43. Two layers of GIEßCOLORLUX H377 are applied as a finish.


Möbelerlebnis Bommersbach

86956 Schongau



The Möbelerlebnis Bommersbach Joinery was founded in the year 2004 by Peter Bommersbach, master joiner. A total of 7 employees have specialized in CNC- processing, furniture manufacture and custom products at the company site Schongau/Upper Bavaria.

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