Conference table Moxy Hotel, Warsaw

Brand: JORDAN Lacke
Country: Polen

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Conference table Moxy Hotel, Warsaw

A 5-metre-long conference table was created from the core of an over 100-year-old oak tree


The client wanted an impressive conference table for the restaurant in the Moxy Hotel in Warsaw, which was to be made from a single piece of wood.

In order to meet the requirements they commissioned the company, Handicraft from Binino – Poland, to process the core of an over 100-year-old tree to produce the solid tabletop.

As a feature gadget, retractable USB charging stations have been integrated into the tabletop, which can be used to charge laptops and smartphones, for example. These can be retracted flush into the surface when they are not needed.


In order to give the surface an attractive appearance that is also extremely resistant, the dull matt PUR-SCHICHTER H 1366 from JORDAN Lacke was selected.

Due to the positive properties of the 2K coating lacquer in terms of processing, filling power and resistance to mechanical influences, this material was ultimately used.


Processed by:

HANDICRAFT Wood Furniture, Binino – Poland


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