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Products especially for stairs and heavily frequented surfaces

Nowadays, staircases should not only be functional, but also integrate into the overall concept of the room in a visually appealing and colourful way. In order to offer its customers a good overview of the product range for stair and staircase components, JORDAN Lacke has now summarised them in a new information brochure. Whether lacquered, oiled or stained, depending on the customer’s wishes, the right products for the perfect surface design can be found in it.


The new brochure provides specific information on products for coating stairs and stair components from the various product lines of the Detmold-based surface specialist. At the same time, it explains the various product and test properties. Depending on the requirement profile, water-based lacquers of the latest generation, oils and oil-wax combinations as well as stains are presented. Here too, the customer’s wishes are our top priority. Therefore, both the transparent and coloured coating systems are available for selection.


Depending on the intended use, e.g. for stair steps subject to heavy mechanical loads or handrails subject to only moderate loads, the corresponding products can sometimes be processed as one or two components to significantly increase their resistance once again.

In addition to coating stairs and stair components, the products can also be used for other surfaces such as parquet and solid wood floors.


The new brochure is available from JORDAN Lacke technical advisors and also as a download on the website in the “Service” section under “Downloads”.