Quality on top requires quality inside Innovation, raw materials, products

Innovative thinking and special commitment have made us an internationally recognized manufacturer of lacquers and a specialist for surface technology. It has always been important to us to know what is in our surfaces. Because conscious handling of raw materials is the basis for top quality and starts with product packaging.



Did you know that the percentage of water-based varnishes in our product range is over 60%? Furthermore, we offer a large variety of products with a low VOC content. Thanks to various oils and parquet lacquers we have low-emission and/or emission-free products also in other product ranges.


Raw materials

Did you know that we continuously increased the share of renewable raw materials in the past years?



Did you know that, in general, we use recyclable IBC containers and other recyclable packages?



Did you know that we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and that we pay attention to the criteria of sustainability and environmental compatibility of our raw materials.

  • Use of Reusable packaging
  • Participation to Recycling processes
  • No-toxic ingredients
  • Share of water-based lacquers in our production over 60 %
  • Development of products based on renewable raw materials
  • DIN ISO 9001:2015

By taking the above measures we aim at achieving the sustainability targets indicated below.