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  1. Products for professional parquet floors

    The Parquetline from JORDAN Lacke Plantag has now further expanded the Parquetline product line. Under the JORDAN Lacke brand, we offer a comprehensive range of products for finishing parquet floors – all under the motto “Protection and long-lasting value retention for the highest demands”.   The water-based 1K parquet primer ECO-BASE EB 500 is almost…

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  2. Product overview 2021 from Jordan Lacke

    Always the correct product The new JORDAN Lacke product overview 2021 contains the correct products for every requirement. Whether modern water-based coatings, oil based on renewable raw materials, various stains, pesticide- and biocide-free products for exterior use or classic PU coating systems. The Detmold-based wood coatings specialist offers its customers from the professional furniture and…

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