History The Story about Jordan Lacke

The history of the Jordan Lacke brand 

  • 1891

    On September 1, 1891 the company was founded by Mr. Heinrich Jordan, a highly respected wood professional in Würzburg. 

  • 1900

    As early as in the year 1900 the name Hornung appears in the company. Initially Josef Hornung had entered the factory as a commercial trainee, and subsequently he worked as a bookkeeper and an authorized signatory before he took over responsibility as an employee in 1921. In this year the works that had been transformed into a paint factory long before moved to the premises of the “Schneiderkeller” in Schweinfurter Straße. 

  • 1951

    Dr. Theo Hornung entered the company after he had studied chemistry at the Würzburg and Königsberg Universities and done his doctorate as a Dr. rer.nat.. He had obtained his practical experience thanks to his job at IG Farbenindustrie. 

  • 1967

    The premises in Schweinfurter Straße had become too small. Just in time, on the occasion of its 75th company anniversary, the factory which had been fundamentally adapted was inaugurated. So there were materially extended production rooms, futuristic laboratories and practical application technology had been made available. 

  • 1991

    Thanks to enormous turnover increases within the past years the factory burst at the seams. Under the direction of the owner Dr. Theo Hornung and that of his daughter Dagmar Munsch as managing director, relocation was planned to a Würzburg industrial area. With Mrs. Munsch as the managing director who had acquired her knowledge 

    through her paint laboratory apprenticeship and active work in the company the continuation of the factory as a traditional family-owned company was guaranteed. 

  • 1993

    Relocation of the paint factory Jordan Lacke to the new premises in the industrial area Würzburg Lengfeld. 

  • 2003

    Takeover by Uzin Utz AG. 

  • 2004

    On 31 July 2004 move of the Munich parquet seal specialist, Pallmann GmbH & Co. KG, from Munich to the site of Lackfabrik HCH. Jordan GmbH Würzburg. So under company law Pallmann GmbH & Co. KG was integrated into Lackfabrik HCH. Jordan GmbH. That is how since August 1, 2004 the activities of Uzin Utz Unternehmensgruppe regarding the surface finishing field have been focussed in only one company named JP Coatings GmbH. 

  • 2011

    In that year (2011) the Jordan Lacke brand celebrated its 120th anniversary! The many years of experience in the fields of research and practical implementation have created the basis for the development of innovative and high-quality system solutions. 

  • 2013

    PLANTAG Coatings GmbH from Detmold took over all the rights to the Jordan Lacke brand. As a brand of the PLANTAG Group the business of Jordan Lacke has been continued in an independant company – i.e. Jordan Lacke GmbH – with sites in Detmold and Würzburg. 

  • 2016

    Ín that year (2016) JORDAN Lacke GmbH celebrated their 125th company anniversary. Right in time for this the brand image had been completely revised. The new image was being officially presented at the Woodworking Show in Nuremberg. 

  • 2019

    In January 2019, JORDAN Lacke GmbH was incorporated as a brand in the parent company Plantag Coatings GmbH.


  1. September 1, 1891 foundation of the company by Mr. Heinrich Jordan


On the occasion of the 75th company anniversary reconstruction of the works in Schweinfurter Strasse with extended production room, futuristic laboratories and practical application technology.


Move of Lackfabrik Jordan Lacke to the new premises in the industrial area Würzburg/Lengfeld.


Move of the Munich parquet seal specialist Pallmann from Munich to the Würzburg site and merger with JORDAN Lacke as a subsidiary of the Uzin-Utz Group.


PLANTAG Coatings GmbH from Detmold took over all rights to the JORDAN Lacke brand. The JORDAN Lacke brand became an independant company – JORDAN Lacke GmbH – with sites in Detmold and Würzburg.


125th company anniversary of JORDAN Lacke GmbH, along with a new communication campaign to present the affiliation to the PCG Group also to third parties.