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All employees, willing to be have now been covered

Vaccination campaign at Plantag almost completed

PLANTAG Coatings GmbH from Detmold, ended its company campaign of first vaccination. “All employees who expressed interest, have received their first vaccination,” says Christina Baumann from the management. The second vaccination is due at the beginning of August and then all employees who wanted to be vaccinated will be protected.


Already in autumn 2020, the company had three female employees trained externally to be able to carry out coronatests professionally and safely themselves. In the case of suspected cases, tests were already carried out internally last year and it was possible to exclude chains of infection in the company. “When in-house tests became mandatory this year, we were able to carry them out professionally and without external support,” adds personnel Manager Jörg Pohlmann. “That saved both time and money”.


It was very pleasing to have a result of less than 1% of those tested being positive. With the vaccination campaign now initiated, Plantag is likely to be one of the first industrial companies in Lippe to have had vaccinated all willing employees.