Decoline 1C Deco-Object-Oil DO 670

Decopaint-conform natural oil

Decopaint-compliant natural oil


product properties:

  • suitable for light coloured woods

  • good penetration behaviour

  • excellent water resistance

  • high hardness

  • excellent gloss stability

  • gives the wood an especially natural appearance

  • very suitable for coating wood and furniture parts as well as parquet floors and wooden stairs

  • white inherent colour, brightens the wood shade

Standards and tests:

  • EN 71, part 3, free of extractable heavy metals
  • DIN 68861-1C chemical resistance
  • complies with GISCODE: Ö 60
  • cobalt-free
  • decopaint-compliant

Scope of application:

Type of application:


  1. Technical Data Sheet DECO-OBJECT-OIL DO 670 Download
  2. Oil brochure Download
  3. Safety Data Sheet available on request by mail at: Download