Parquetline 1C ECO-BASE EB 500

  1. Water-based, high-quality 1-component base coat for parquet floorings


Product properties:

  • base coat for 1C ECO-FINISH 55X
  • effective reduction of the risk of joint bonding
  • practically odourless
  • easy handling
  • very good levelling properties
  • does not contain harmful substances
  • developed acc. to REACH

Standards and tests:

  • EN 71, part 3, free of extractable heavy metals
  • EN ISO 2409-GT 0 adhesive strength
  • DIBt-approval
  • GISCODE: W2+
  • decopaint-compliant

Scope of application:

Type of application:


  1. Technical Data Sheet 1K ECO-BASE EB 500 Download
  2. Safety Data Sheet available on request by mail at: Download