Natureline Jordan Nature-Pur 200

Biocide-free wood preservative for indoor and outdoor use.

Purely mineral, biocide and solvent-free wood preservative for wood in indoor and outdoor areas. 


Product properties: 

  • purely mineral, solvent- and emission-free
  • does not leave behind any harmful substances in nature
  • without pesticides, insecticides and biocides
  • vegan
  • harmless for bees and bats
  • insects that come into contact with the treated wood after drying will not be impaired
  • climate resistant
  • protects against harmful environmental impacts including weathering
  • is in limits elastic regarding torsion and thermal expansion of the material
  • cannot be washed out
  • eliminates the breeding ground of wood-destroying fungi and mould (acc. EN 113)
  • protects against animal wood pests such as termites, xylophaga, lyctidae, furniture beetles, woodworm, etc.
  • prevents the spread of wood pests after infestation
  • act as a flame-retardant, the spread of fire and the development of smoke are permanently inhibited
  • impregnated wood can promptly come into contact with the soil
  • EN 71, part 3, free of extractable heavy metals

Listed AT:

  • Sentinel Haus Institute – the institute for safe and healthier construction
  • European Society for Healthy Building and Indoor Hygiene (EGGBI)

Tested by:

  • ECO Institute (certification no. ID 0315-33357-002)
  • Swiss Coordination Office for Bat Protection
  • EPH, Development and Test Laboratory for Wood Technology GmbH (Nr. 2715644)
  • Specialist field for forest products, wood science department of the Swedish University for Agriculture (Nr. 2011-113/84)
  • Forest Products Department, Mississippi State University
  • SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Standards and tests:

  • EN 71, part 3, free of extractable heavy metals

Scope of application:

Type of application:


  1. Technical Data Sheet JORDAN NATURE-PUR 200 Download
  2. Safety Data Sheet JORDAN NATURE-PUR 200 Download
  3. Brochure Natureline Download