Brand: JORDAN Lacke
Country: Switzerland

Used products

Natureline projects

Healthy building with environmentally friendly wood protection – biocide-free and insecticide-free


Wood protection – colored and transparent.
JORDAN Natureline contains no pesticides, no insecticides and is absolutely biocide-free. Due to its wood-protecting effect, it influences the wood properties in such a way that no wood-destroying infestation by insects and / or fungi can take place. After impregnation, the wood is silicified in the subsequent short-term drying process. Quartz crystals are built into the wood substance. Due to the mineralization and hardening, the wood is no longer food for the xylophages and is petrified, so to speak, so that the xylophages – whether vermin or fungus – are deprived of the nutrient medium.


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