Exclusive High-End Headphones

Brand: JORDAN Lacke
Country: Germany

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Exclusive High-End Top Class Headphones

The headphones of edition 15 from Ultrasone limited to 999 units are a quite special highlight for music lovers and professionals. Sophisticated technology combined with exclusive materials ensure an unequalled music experience. Be it for musical enjoyment in your own home or for professional work in the high-end mastering studio, the edition 15 portrays the complete sound spectrum in an out of the ordinary detailed and transparent way.


To be able to manufacture the high-quality wood components needed for the exclusive high-end headphones of edition 15 from Ultrasone, the Möbelerlebnis Bommersbach Company uses JORDAN Lacke’s products for professional surface finishings.

The blanks as such, so-called capsules, are manufactured from American cherrywood. After rough cutting and drying of the wood the workpiece is first planed. Subsequently the lower sides of the components are cut off the block using the CNC milling cutter and then the single capsules are cut off.

Elaborate handcraft starts after having milled the capsule tops on the CNC machine. Each of the capsules is ground by hand with different grain sizes to prepare them for subsequent painting.
At the beginning our CLASSICSTAIN is used for this process.

Finally after drying 3 layers of 1K DECO-NATURWACHS-OIL 680 are applied with intermediate grinding.


According to Peter Bommersbach, managing director, the company has decided in favour of JORDAN Lacke because of the excellent quality of the used products. In addition, our competent field staff’s good consulting and the fast and flexible delivery times have convinced the customer.


Möbelerlebnis Bommersbach, 86956 Schongau

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