Hand Carved – Oak and Steel Floor Lamp

Brand: JORDAN Lacke
Country: Poland

Used products

Crane Light floor lamp,

CRANE LIGHT – Designer item with infinite regulation possibilities


The CRANE LIGHT floor lamp is a design by Jakub Klimas. The mix of oak wood and steel makes it ideal for loft and Scandinavian interiors.


Handcrafted at the highest level:

The wooden components of the lamp are handmade by precise, manual carving of the wood.


Infinite adjustment possibilities:

Thanks to the various, movable elements, the designer piece can be adjusted exactly so that the perfect illumination is always given.


Perfect design:

The clever combination of handcrafted oak wood and cold-drawn steel provides a successful contrast, so that it can also be called an industrial lamp for the living room.


Product used:

In order to fully bring out the surface of the CRANE LIGHT floor lamp, the 1K DECO-OBJECT-OIL 670 is utilized.

Due to the good penetration properties of the oil, it is ideally suited for coating wood and furniture components as well as for parquet floors. It leaves the wood with a particularly natural appearance and also impresses with its excellent gloss stability.



LOFTDecora, Swarzędz – Poland



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