Rango – the multi-functional sideboard

Brand: JordanLacke
Country: Deutschland

Used products

Jana Malin Daum's journeyman's piece obtained its name from the chameleon "Rango" from the animated film with the same name.

This sideboard was awarded the 1st prize at the Darmstadt Guild Test 2015 as it can adapt itself to its surroundings like a chameleon. Whether working, eating, seating, lighting, or stowing away – it can do everything.

Thanks to the 3 cubes that can be interchanged and the top turnable by 360° this piece of furniture can be easily transported and is extremely versatile. This means that this unit can be optionally adapted at all times. And without any tool – but only by the invisibly installed magnets. The sockets concealed in the turning mechanism as well as the LEDs and the sound boxes controllable via bluetooth and W-Lan ensure a complete technical equipment.

Through the combination of oak-matured timber and high-quality linoleum the sideboard withstands any type of use. And also the used surface products must be able to keep up with this. That is why products from the JORDAN Lacke Company were used.

Surface structure oak

For priming the oak GIEßCOLORLUX H375 was used which captivates by its excellent transparency and high fastness to light.

Regarding the topcoat which was to be extremely robust they opted for CLASSIC- EXTREME-RESIST 894.

Surface structure inside

PUR-FÜLLER H1336 was chosen as a filler. This sealing filler convinces by its excellent firmness on vertical surfaces, its fast drying and its good grindability.

Final coating was carried out with HIGH- SOLID-COLOR H6007 in black.


Jana Malin Daum
Joinery Luther – Darmstadt

Mail: info@schreinerei-luther.de

Web: www.schreinerei-luther.de


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