Brand: JORDAN Lacke
Country: Germany

Used products

Log house with healthy living demand

Biocide- and pesticide-free surface protection


Surface protection – purely mineral, water-based and without toxicological ingredients. If you want to build your own home using ecologically safe products and also keep an eye on the health of your home, you can use the biocide- and solvent-free wood preservatives from JORDAN NATURELINE. This was also the case with a log house built in the Günzburg district. 28 solid logs of peeled silver fir (the oldest of which was measured with 160 annual rings) were used for the ground floor. In addition, spruce was used for the panelling and larch for weather-sensitive components such as window sills and the floor connection. The wood preservative was processed with a sand white colour and was applied using a brush and given two coatings by the owners. The building owners and also the carpenter commissioned with the panelling praised the odourless and problem-free application as well as the good brushability of the wood preservative.


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