Modern surfaces in a historic building

Brand: JORDAN Lacke
Country: Germany

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Church renovation, Heilbronn

Heilbronn church with new sacristy and modern media cabinets


The Nikolai Church in Heilbronn was first mentioned in 1351 and can look back on an eventful history. After renovation in the mid-18th century and reconstruction after the war, it was now time to modernise the church.


As part of the interior renovation, the Keller carpenters were commissioned with the production of modern cabinets, media cabinets and the redesign of the sacristy.

In order to accommodate the required technical equipment and to integrate it harmoniously into the overall concept of the church, the panelling of the (media) cabinets was made of oak-veneered, black through-dyed MDF boards. The surfaces were lacquered with the water-based natural effect lacquer 2K AQUA-NATUREFFEKT AN 420.

Due to its high resistance, its very good chemical and mechanical resistance as well as its good gloss stability, the raw wood-like, dull matt drying lacquer is ideally suited to protect the created surfaces in a long term.



Carpenters Keller, Hardthausen am Kocher


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